I actually think it’s the funniest thing when I see couples making out at school because most times I’m like (in my mind) “okay okay please stop, do be doing this in front of me right now” but then, when I’m with Andrew and we’re definitely kissing at school in public, in my mind I’m like, “okay gotta keep this cool since everyone is definitely seeing us” but then I remember the times those ingrates are having a huge tongue down session going on blatantly at school and I’m like nahh, and just dive right into this full kiss like meh no biggs.
It’s just pretty funny. And gross sometimes.

Mind spillage RE: Christmas holidays in Antigua.

I went home to Antigua ( http://www.visitantiguabarbuda.com/ ) for the Christmas holidays for a month and as per usual I loved it. 

It’s true what they say that when you leave home and return, everything is still the same, but you realize that what has changed, is you. The beach was lovely, and the sun was HOT.COM which was wayyy better than the shit weather that I left in New Jersey. I had the company of all my friends and drank enough rum to make up for my liquor-less months while in Jerz. But it was different for me this time. It was different for me in that I could feel myself growing out of the small mindedness and ways that were and are rampant there. I can’t really blame people for the way they think because I know in some ways I possess the small island ways because that’s what I grew up around. 

It was also different because I left the person who I was dating back in New Jersey and dating him has opened my eyes to the way guys should actually be, which isn’t something I learned or appreciated from any of the guys in Antigua. So it was kinda true, the place remained the same. It was still hot as fuck, and fun as hell, and we still got drunk most nights and the beach was still really lush. What did and has changed is my mindset; while I understand what happens in Antigua and can appreciate how people are, I can’t be like that anymore. 

But I’m still in love with Antigua, and I still live where you want to vacation, and it will always be home.